Really Cool Barcodes!
Welcome to Pop! Technology. If you are not familiar with Pop!, our barcode technology will be unlike anything you have ever seen. There has always been a missing piece in barcodes because they did not have the ability to record information after they were printed.

Our patented products activate barcodes to allow them to record and report information. For instance, one product detects if a vial of insulin has been exposed to improper temperatures and prevents the item from being used. With their camera-enabled mobile phone, consumers can check the insulin prior to self-administration using a Pop! Technology barcode. One of our newest products uses the barcode to authenticate the product - allowing the pharmacist to assure both temperature compliance and authenticity at the same time they scan your prescription into their register.

We do all this with no downstream costs and no changes to anyone's software and hardware.

Pop! Technology offers a portfolio of barcode-based packaging sensors providing manufacturers and retailers with new tools for quality assurance, fraud detection and automated supply chains.

So whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, or pharmaceutical, we have a solution to improve your operations and assure brand quality.

Be sure to check out the Products page for both videos and animated clips showing how the products work. We think you will agree these are Really Cool Barcodes.